Beaumond's Isle, Part I

Vernon Beaumond, a man of wealth, has laid claim to an island in the Sea of Affliction. Wanting to move his family to this island, he hires the MMA to sail to the island with him to ensure that it is safe enough for his family to live here. Beaumond sends his chief of security, Katlyn Powell, a former operative in the MMA, to hire the group and then bring them to Goldenpoint, where they will sail from. After spending the night in Goldenpoint, Beaumond and company sail off for the island. After a few days in open water, the Beaumond (also the name of the ship) had picked up a tail. Upon closer inspection, the tail was found out to be a boat piloted by the blackscale lizardfolk of the Dreadwreck Swamp. With this knowledge, Katyln and the MMA operatives (Jax Randig, Don Magnus, Nimbus, Televas Sera, Kalyn Stonewood, JR, Variel, Vera Jerdakel, Boo Radley and Kora Jerdakel) get all crew of the ship to get to the safe part of the ship located below decks. Soon after, the Beaumond found itself within close proximity to the lizardfolk boat (in the shape of a black dragon), which wasted no time attaching itself to the Beaumond with giant cables that have themselves breached the hull of the Beaumond. In the blink of an eye the Beaumond was covered with lizarmen, who were crossing from their boat and crawling up from both sides of the Beaumond from the sea as well. The situation seemed hopeless, as it was beginning to look like the Beaumond and it’s crew would be the newest boat to crash into The Graveyard, the easternmost island of The Blackblade Islands. Several minutes went by as the MMAoperatives and Katyln were doing their best in an impossible situation. The lizardmen had swarmed the Beaumond and the hopes of its crew surviving this encounter was diminishing by the second, when a third boat appeared, seemingly from nowhere. The ship had an ethereal appearance to it, which greatly upset the blackscales, many of which began abandoning the Beaumond to return to their vessel. The ghostly ship was upon the battle almost instantly, as its crew disembarked onto the Beaumond, scattering the remaining lizardmen onto all corners of the ship. Minutes later, the Beaumond was cleared of any and all lizardmen, as the ghostly figures routed them all back onto their boat. The leader of the newcomers (who identified himself as Thomas Goodsail) then spoke to the lizardman leader, telling him to leave the people of the Beaumond alone. Turning to the survivors, Goodsail assured them that the blackscales would no longer be a threat to them, then returns to his boat, and sails off. With no further mishaps (and a new acting captain), the Beaumond finds its way to their objective about three weeks later. Getting the ship as close to shore as possible, everyone boards smaller rowboats capable of taking them to the island. Making their way to the shore, they soon realize that there is something in the waters with them, as two of the boats are rocked by streaking blurs beneath them. After two more passes, the lead boat is attacked by a merfolk who jumps out of the water at mission leader Variel. In the back, Katlyn is also attacked by a surfacing merfolk, only to be knocked into the water along with her attacker. A member of Katyln’s guard is also knocked into the water by a third merfolk, who chose the last boat in the procession to attack. Eventually, the merfolk were taken care of and the people are returned to their boats, as the procession finds its way to the island. While fighting the merfolk, the group discovered that these were not ordinary merfolk, as they had sharp teeth and thick hair, almost as if they had been bitten by a lycanthrope. Setting up a perimeter on the beach of the island, the group decides to wait until morning to start their mission. The next day the MMA operatives begin their journey of the island. On their first day, the group has an encounter with a group of curious wolves and find the resting spot of what they believe to be a dragon, all the while making a trail roughly three miles into the heavily forested island. The second day finds the group cutting about three more miles into the forest and the discovery of a cave (with more wolves). In the oncoming days, the group would find out more about the island and meet some of its inhabitants. But that’s a story for the next session……



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