Beaumond's Isle, Part II

Day three started out with Mr. Beaumond telling the group that he needs to send the boat back for supplies and asks for volunteers to escort it back. Vera Jerdakel, Kalyn Stonewood, Televas Sera and Nimbus, along with half of Beaumond’s personal guard elect to do this while JR,Boo Radley, Jax Randig, Don Magnus, Variel and Kora Jerdakel and the other half of Beaumond’s personal guard remain behind on the island.
After the boat departs, the remaining members of the MMA continue their mission of cleaning the island. They reach where they left off the day before easily enough, even with Kora being overly loud due to being drunk by eight a.m. Tired of babysitting a drunk, the party convinces Kora to explore a cave that they discovered the day before. Forging ahead without him, the group continues cutting their way through the forest. Less than an hour later, the group is attacked by a swarm of wasps after disturbing their nest while making their trail. Most of the swarm envelops Don Magnus and Jax Randig while some of it tapers off to follow the fleeing Boo Radley and Variel. Not wanting to be stung by the swarm, Jax casts sanctuary, leaving Don alone to deal with most of the swarm. Variel and Boo make their way to the nearby Sea of Affliction, diving headfirst into it to avoid the missile like wasps. Nearby, perched in his spot of choice, Emradon, a green dragon, sees the events as they transpire. Finding the moment very humorous, Emradon breaks into a healthy laughter, poking fun at the silly elf and human at their attempts to remain sting free. Meanwhile, Don eventually disperses the swarm that attacked him (but not without a few well placed stings) and Jax comes out of his sanctuary. While all this is happening, JR hustles back to the cave where they left Kora. Jax and Don find Variel and Boo in the sea with the swarm still hovering over them. Jax yells out for his fellow party members and spots Emradon simultaneously, immediately drawing the attention of the swarm. This only served to make the dragon laugh harder as the clumsy cleric is stung repeatedly by the wasps. Eventually, the swarm is defeated, as the party approaches the dragon cautiously. Turns out, Emradon is a peaceful dragon looking only to be left alone in his solitude, but finds the group of adventurers amusing, especially Jax. Emradon is having a pleasant conversation with the group when Kora and JR reappear. Kora immediately demands to know where his holy symbol is and who took it (he found it missing while in the cave by himself). Emradon did not take kindly to this interruption, as he pointed out to the evil cleric. This lead to a heated argument among the present MMA members, as they did not know what happened to Kora’s holy symbol and he swore they did. In the end, Kora used his ability to channel negative energy on his fellow adventurers and a short fight ensued. Kora was subdued and carried back to camp, as the rest of the group decided on what to do with him. After much deliberation (and some advice from Katlyn) the party decides to release Kora from his bonds as they decide that they will need all hands available since half of their group is now aboard The Beaumond sailing to pick up supplies (Kora’s brother, Vera, was informed of the situation and left the Beaumond to make sure his brother would receive fair treatment). While all this was going on, Jax was spending time with his new found friend, Emradon on a nearby island with his own group of hula girls. While he is enjoying the fun with his new friend, he asks him about the island. Emradon tells Jax many interesting things and agrees to help Jax and his amusing friends in a small capacity. Emradon gives Jax an emerald coin capable of transporting himself to him, or to a destination of his choosing (one he can visualize only). Using the coin, Jax returns to his allies to inform them of the things that he has learned from Emradon. With the newfound information, the group decides to split up, some going with Jax and Emradon (Don, and Boo) to a village of lycanthropes on the other side of the island, while the others (Vera and Kora, JR and Variel) return once again to the cave to investigate a secret entrance to an underground cavern that Kora found while he was there alone.
The group that went with Jax was flown to a small village of lycanthropes by Emradon. There they met Braxis, an older human male, his wife Daisy, and his village of peaceful lycans. The two groups talked through the night, discussing the problems that they shared. The MMA agents decided to join the lycans in their oncoming battle with a group of hill giants, as both groups would benefit from their removal (the lycans wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked by them and the MMA agents would be doing the job that they were hired to do). But before that would happen, the lycans threw all involved in the initiative a festival in honor of their sacrifice (during which, Boo met Flower, sister of daisy).
While this was transpiring, the others searched through the cave, deciding not to venture forth into the secret area found by Kora. After leaving they returned to the area where they met Emradon to search for Kora’s lost holy symbol (with the exception of Variel, who left to return to the base camp). On his way to the camp, Variel noticed a group of hill giants marching towards it. Hiding in the bushes, Variel witnessed the Hill Giants lay waste to Mr. Beaumond and remaining guards (although Katlyn was thrown into the ocean, presumed dead by her attacker). Later, when he knew it to be safe, Variel searched the sight, finding Katlyn alive but all of Beaumond’s money gone. Eventually, Kora, Vera and JR returned to the camp as well. As a group, they then traveled to where Verial hid the night before, making sure they were safe from further attacks by the hill giants. They waited there until Emradon picked them up later, taking them to regroup with the rest of their party. Meanwhile, the other group joined the lycans in an attack on what would turn out to be the same hill giants that laid waste to Beaumond and company the night before. A great battle followed, as many giants would come out to oppose the lycans. Sadly, during the melee, Don Magnus lost his life in this endeavor, as one of the hill giants made him a smear on his massive war club. Joined together once again, the MMA agents and their lycan allies, await what awaits them next…….



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