Gee, aren't those Gemtrees pretty?

For his first mission as leader of The Squad, the MMA‘s elite don’t ask, don’t tell group of mercenaries, Shadder the half-orc, and protege of Mahluk himself, had the unenviable task of going into the Gemwoods and retrieving an amethyst Gem Trees from within it’s heavily guarded borders. To accomplish this task, Shadder was allowed to handpick the group of individuals he wanted to meet his objective. His choices were:
Big Sir – A human monk from parts unknown
Draxxon Steele – A recent graduate from the MMA who, due to his over the top violent methods, actually volunteered for The Squad.
Placan – A druid who acts as a runner for the MMA but sometimes will take up a mission to help out his old friend Mahluk.
Adam Black – An elven rogue who is serving time for past discretions. Serving in the squad will chop off some of the time he is supposed to serve.
Mathus – A sorcerer looking to make a name for himself.
Before embarking on what will be a very dangerous mission, Shadder and Draxxon make their way to Tait, where they purchase some unmarked leather armor and some short swords. They then travel to Padoa, where they recruit some men to travel to the Gemwoods with them. They spend a few days there giving their new recruits some basic trainig so they’ll be able to handle a sword.
They then return to Dunmir, where the MMA is located to pick up the rest of their group. Returning to Padoa to pick up their red shirts, The Squad steel themselves for the forthcoming mission. Arriving at the Gemwoods, The Squad sends in the red shirts first and decide to wait and see what happens with them. About an hour later, an explosion from a few miles within the Gemwoods lights up the sky. Unearthly screams follow the explosion, a sound that would bother even the most veteran of soldiers, as the red shirts see the destructive powers of the Kadinn Barbarians fire mages first hand. It is then that The Squad acts, using the confusion of the battle as their opportunity to enter the Gemwoods. Making it an impressive distance into the woods without before being caught by a Kadinn patrol, The Squad defended themselves against a group of Kadinn barbarian/rangers and a fire mage. The Squad manages to dispatch the Kadinn Barbarians, but not before taking their fair share of lumps first. It would be several more hours and even more Kadinns later before The Squad would find their objective: an Amethyst Gem Trees. Acquiring the tree was not easy, as Mathus the sorcerer was lost to the group from constant bombardment of the relentless fire mages, and if not for the courage of two of the red shirts, Gavin and Leopold, The Squad would have surely lost more members. Returning to their ship at a frantic pace, The Squad ran past, and sometimes through, several more Kadinn patrols. Returning to their ship, The Squad rested their weary bones as they considered the fact that they were the first people to ever successfully steal a Gem Trees from the Gemwoods. They also thought about how they just made enemies of the Kadinn Barbarians, a people you don’t want to have against you.



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