I didn't know that Half-Orcs grew to be over fourteen feet tall!

After finishing a successful mission for the MMA, agents Shadder and Ralisa Topknot head towards the nearest safe house (located near the border of the Drakewood Forest)to meet Magnus Arcanum, an expert in all things artifice, hailing from the city of Fahgir. Magnus will give them important information for an upcoming mission involving the retrieval of a piece to an ancient artifact called the Dimensional Cube. Shadder and Ralisa Topknot are at the safe house for about an hour before Magnus Arcanum arrives. Introductions were made quickly, as all parties involved were eager to get to the business at hand. Their meeting was interrupted a short time later as a scream penetrated the walls of the safe house. A quick observation later revealed an elven woman (later identified as Tessara Sera being chased by two large men in the garb of soldiers of The Empire Elite. Shadder immediately flew into his barbarian rage at the sight of the Huerich soldiers. Taking a potion he took from the safe house, Shadder doubled in size. At the sight of this, the soldiers delayed their pursuit of the elf to defend themselves from the advancing barbarian. While Shadder engaged the soldiers, Ralisa took off after the elf, to see if she was okay. Moments later, more Huerichs appeared, including one garbed in the robes of a spellcaster.
Shadder quickly dispatches the two soldiers as Magnus deals with the spellcaster and Ralisa sees to the safety of the panicked elf. Seeing that they would need more help in dealing with the infidels, the Huerich spellcaster goes to retrieve back up. But this was not to be, as the unfortunate soul would soon meet Taj, another member of the MMA. Taj slashed the mage in the face with his powerful claws then quickly dispatched his stunned foe by snapping his neck. Taj moves to the next Huerich soldier and dispatches him just as quickly (two claws to the face, and then propels himself forward by jumping off the dead man’s chest as he falls to the ground!). He approaches his allies, who are in awe of Taj’s battle prowess, and tells them that more Huerich‘s will be on their way soon enough, as these were a small part of a large group transporting slaves and supplies to the city of Cottonmouth.
With this information, the group prepares itself for the oncoming onslaught. And that’s when they heard a sound that would carry with it a large fireball, propelled forth from the catapult being operated by the Huerich‘s in the caravan. Now, with their safe house ablaze, the group steels itself for the oncoming battle (minus Magnus, who was only payed for the relaying of information, not battle). With Taj and Ralisa waiting in the weeds, Shadder awaits his enemies in the open (now on fire himself!), relishing the fact that he will take down his most hated of enemies. This group of Huerich’s is much larger, complete with two more mages and a commander. Six soldiers make a foolhardy charge at the now on fire Shadder, as three of them meet his orc double axe head on, one of which becoming a stain on a tree thirty feet away! After barraging the fiery half-orc with magic missiles, the mages decide to make their commander as large as the half-orc itself. Meanwhile, Taj has snatched a soldier into the weeds, where he was waiting in ambush. After getting the initial drop on the soldier, the soldier fights back. But the end result was never in question. While that was transpiring, Ralisa found herself at the bad end of the blades of two Huerich soldiers. Facing certain death, Ralisa is saved from an oncoming deathblow as Tassara gathers enough courage to finally confront her captors. With the desperation of a woman wanting to be free, she stabs one of the soldiers before he can deliver the mortal wound to Talisa. She helps Talisa to her feet, then they both begin sprinting away to safety.
While all this was happening, the Huerich commander and Shadder continue their titanic battle, as they swap blow after blow (and dodge more missiles from the catapult). The battle was one for the ages, as Shadder and the commander revel in the pain and destruction that they reap upon one another. Finally, the commander falls, as Shadder delivers a mighty blow from his double axe, one that cleaves the commanders chest open, spilling his insides onto the burning forest floor. Before breathing his last, the commander thanks Shadder for letting him die like a true soldier should. While that finished up, Taj has ran down the soldiers pursuing Ralisa and Tessara and helps them dispatch their foes quickly.
Making their way to the now abandoned catapult, the exhausted group takes it and the slaves into their custody. Marching their way to the nearest town, Shadder contacts the academy to report in on their current situation. They are soon teleported to Dunmir, where they are debriefed and find out the Tassara is the sister to current MMA agent, Televas.



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