Ula and the Runaway Slave

The current crop of graduates from the Mahluk Mercenary Academy of Dunmir underwent the normal graduation ritual all graduates of the academy undergo upon completion of their studies: They participate in a non-lethal last man standing contest. They are taken to the Mahluk Training Grounds and are given ceremonial weapons that do not pierce, cut or wound in any way (they may leave a bruise). After several grueling hours of competition, there remained only eight students : Tadek Flameborn: a dwarven druid hailing from the Drakewood Forest
Landriss Brownwood: An elven wizard from the Brownwood Forest
Kora Jerdakel: A human cleric from Deepshadow, twin brother of Vera Jerdakel
Draxxon Steele: A human fighter from Mortal Bay
Jax Randig: Human cleric from Arasa
Televas Sera: Elven rogue from Dunmir
Ralisa Topknot: Halfling rogue from the Tenderfoot Highlands
Vera Jerdakel: Human fighter/wizard from Deepshadow, twin brother of Kora Jerdakel
Televas won the competition, and with it, his first chance as mission leader. His first mission, go to Jillian’s Mark to receive some runaway property that belongs to Ula, a cleric of Nogat, the evil fighter god. On their way to Jillian’s Mark, Televas and his group (Draxxon, Ralisa and Vera) were ambushed by a troupe of Gypsies. The group defeated the gypsies (and in a gruesome manuever, cut the thumbs off of the remaining male members of the troupe) and proceeded to Jillian’s Mark (with one of the gypsies buggies in tow).
Travelling ahead of the rest of the group, Draxxon arrived in Jillian’s Mark early enough to sell the captured wagon and sell it (and make some extra loot without their knowledge). Seeking out the leader of Jillian’s Mark, Jillian, Televas and crew proceeded to her hut to speak with her about their task at hand.
Televas showed Jillian the papers that showed the ownershp of the lost property of Ula the cleric was legit (the property being one Lillian Farrin, a young girl). Jillian then dispathced a runner, accompanied by Draxxon, to retrieve the girl. Upon arriving at the family hut of the Farrin’s, Draxxon was greeted by two parents eager to protect their child at all costs. Lillian ran out the back while her parents tried to cover her escape. Draxxon broke past Lillian’s parents (Heyward and Miliana) attempteing to prevent the girls escape. His pursuit was stopped seconds later as Miliana pierced Draxxon’s leather armor with an arrow through the right shoulder. Enraged, Draxxon turned his focus onto Miliana, almost killing her with one attack. On her knees with her bow out of reach, Draxxon thrust his blade through the skull of Miliana efortlessly and without remorse. Heyward Farrin was dispatched just as easily, but managed to survive Draxxon’s attack. Moments later, Fanir, Jillians large wolf companion arrived at the scene. Fanir rushed passed Draxxon, and seconds later returned with Lilian in tow.
Minutes later, Fanir returned Lilian to Jillian’s hut, where Jillian told the mercenaries to remove themselves from her town while she was in a good mood.
Before leaving, Televas attempted to collect Jillian’s Mark annual tithe for the king of Arasa, but was promptly told by Jillian that she would no longer be giving said tithe to Dahara and his Holy Shield Empire and would be filing to be annexed from his kingdom (Televas helped Jillian draw up the annex papers before leaving).
Mission completed, the group left Jillian’s Mark to stop by Arasa to tell them the news from there. On the way to Arasa, the group was attacked by a pack of Goblins and their steeds, goblin dogs. Having more trouble than they’d like to admit, the group finally defeated their enemies, barely preventing their escape with Lilian. From there , the group stopped by Arasa, told them the news from Jillian’s Mark, then returned to Dunmir, successful in their first mission.



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