Willotia, The Warping Maze

Just because you’re in-between missions at the Mahluk Mercenary Academy doesn’t mean you get to lay around and do nothing. Tadek Flameborn, Landriss Brownwood, Kora Verdakel, Orgot, the monk, Lilly, the monk, and Nimbus, the sorcerer from All-Sky, were put through combat drills at the nearby MMA training grounds. Tadek and crew were close to the cave located on the trainig ground, when they all noticed that something about the cave seemed off. Walking closer to the cave, Tadek peered into it to get a closer look at some glyphs inside. Upon studying the glyphs, Tadek and his companions, deciphered what the glyphs said: “You have now entered ”/campaign/karonus/wikis/willotia-the-warping-maze-0" class=“wiki-page-link”>Willotia, the Warping Maze“. When the group turned back around to leave the cave, they noticed that the entrance that was there moments ago, was now gone. After searching meticulously for an exit out of the cave for over an hour, the group found none. ”/campaign/karonus/wikis/Kora%20Verdakel/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Kora Verdakel thought about their predicament while searching for an exit and remembered from his studies that Willotia, the Warping Maze teleports randomly around the world of Karonus, usually landing close to a group of adventurers. It then sucks the adventurers into it, which forces the people to find their way through the maze, which changes everytime it traps adventurers inside it.

Resigning themselves to their fate, the group eventually began to make their way through the maze. It wouldn’t be long before the maze tasked Tadek and company with their first obstacle in the form of Ghouls. The party dispatched the pair of ghouls without too much hassle (Orgot the Monk however, did get scratched by a ghoul, contracting ghoul fever). Forging ahead (and in Tadek’s case, a tad recklessly), the group soon encountered a couple of skeletons which they dispatched easily and a quartet of surprised Bugbears who were playing cards when Lilly, the monk kicked down their door. While Kora, Lilly, and Landriss took on the bugbears, Tadek, Orgot and Nimbus found a nearby chamber that served as the Bugbears rest area. The trio searched the room, finding some minor loot, as well as a secret door leading out of the room into a long hallway where more Bugbears and skeletons awaited them. Continuing his reckless behavior, Tadek charged into battle with the bugbears and skeltons alone. Quickly realizing he was outmatched, Tadek cast entangle into the five foot wide hallway, immediatley filling it with an overgrowth of plants and weeds. Tadek, Orgot and Nimbus was soon joined by Kora, Lily and Landriss, where all six fought their way through the overgrowth, bugbears and skeletons, eventually finding their way to another room, this one complete with its very own Rust Monster. While Orgot and Kora was busy defending themselves from the Rust Monster, Nimbus jumps atop it, riding it out of the room. Nimbus actually managed to ride the beast for a few minutes, until at last, he was thrown from it when the Rust Monster took a sharp turn at an increasingly faster and faster speed. regrouping, the party made their way to another room with bugbears, this time the smelly beasts were found sleeping. Quickly dispatching the bugbears, Tadek, again forging ahead recklessly, found a large chamber that housed six skeletons, all waiting for something to attack. The group was surprised at how hard the skeltons were fighting, and even more surprised when a Skeletal Champion (with levels of fighter) emerged from an adjacent chamber, ready to help his mindless allies defend their territory. The skeletons and Skeletal Champion were eventually defeated, but not before Lilly, the monk and Tadek were lost. Entering the room which the champion came out of, the remaining adventurers found an exit out of the maze. Unfortunately for them, the exit was above the Erryt Ocean.



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