Wood Giant


Height: 14’
Weight: 1,200 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: Unknown
Homeland: Rushwood Forest
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Gaeagen
Initiative: 5
STR: 20
DEX: 21
CON: 17
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 12
FORT: +9
REF: +8
WILL: +7
Base Attack: +8/
CMB: 14
CMD: 29
Skills: Acrobatics +14 (
12 to Jump)
Climb: 14
Knowledge (Nature) +16
Perception +15
Profession (Farmer) +15
Stealth +12 (
16 in forests)
Survival +16
Languages: Common, Giant, Sylvan; Speak With Animals


Roscan is the gentlest of souls, having a kind heart towards all (even Git). He is a member of Semestra’s Court and one of the Rushwood Forest’s most noble citizens. He was the first denizen of the Rushwood to encounter the citizens of Boon. Roscan’s primary purpose in life is to care for the health of the Rushwood Forest. Due to recent events, the Rushwood has taken ill, which has forced Roscan to work almost around the clock, stopping to rest only when he is physically unable to continue. This has caused Scat to worry for Roscan’s health, but no matter how much Scat tries to get Roscan to rest, Roscan tells him that he will not stop until his home is once again healthy.
Unbeknownst to Roscan, he was actually helping the plan of Alkyne Brown by attempting to heal the forest. When Roscan gave his life force to the Rushwood (in what he believed would cure the disease plaguing the ancient woods), he actually fueled a device that turned all of his life energy into necrotic energy, ensuring that the Rushwood Forest would finally die, thus giving Mr. Brown the edge he finally needed to defeat Boon Daniels once and for all.
This set off a chain of events that would lead to the destruction of Boon and most of his allies (including, but not limited to Orchid Strangefellow, Yxlkyp and others). The ones who survived escaped the carnage by retreating into the cave system located nearby their former home. From there, they travelled to Kent and Inza Nelson’s home, which was located in another plane), where they were told that they had been flung six months into the future.
In this future, Alkyne Brown had conquered most of Karonus. He did this by capturing the nigh powerful Yxlkyp and enslaving him to his will. Brown tapped into the imp’s near limitless powers in order to enhance his already formidable powers, as well as those who worked for him (including Boon’s former guard Hudson Drake and former physician Edwin Steen).
In the end, the group managed to rescue Yxlkyp, escape back into the past and reverse all the things Brown had managed to accomplish. However, this trip altered the timeline somewhat, most noticeably Daniels and company had yet to receive aid from Giffen or meet Jaret, the former gladiator.


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