"Uncle Eddie" Edwin Steen

Male Half-Elf Expert/Rogue


Height: 5’7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 25
Homeland: Wolfcrest
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Korliv
Initiative: +6
STR: 13
DEX: 18
CON: 10
INT: 14
WIS: 12
CHA: 8
FORT: +0
REF: +7
WILL: +4
Base Attack: +2
CMB: +3
CMD: 18
Skills: Acrobatics: +11
Bluff: +6
Disable Device: +11
Disguise: +6
Escape Artist: +11
Perception +3
Profession (Doctor) +8
Sense Motive +8
Sleight of Hand +12
Stealth +14
Use Magic Device +6
Languages: Common, Elven, Infernal, Ignan


Edwin Steen was born into a wealthy family where everything was provided for him. His father, Cirino was distant, but his mother Cessily nurtured him like she thought a mother should nurture an only child. Cessily kept Edwin by her side constantly, never letting him stray for long periods of time. Cessily personally educated Edwin, as she was a healer and college professor herself. As Edwin grew older, Cessily continued keeping Edwin at arm’s length, saying that a child doesn’t need anyone else by their side other than his loving mother.
When Edwin was ten, his father Cirino became very ill, causing him to be bed ridden. Cessily insisted on she take care of him personally, even though his distant nature had been causing problems in their marriage for years. This led to Cessily spending most of her time with Cirino instead of Edwin, which didn’t please him at all. After several months of this Edwin demanded that Cessily stop taking care of his father and spend all of her time with him, “Like it’s supposed to be”. Cessily refused this, and told Edwin that her husband was just as important to her as her son was, a notion which also didn’t please him. His mother was “his and his alone, he shouldn’t have to share his time with a man who didn’t care enough about his family to spend any relevant time with them”. Edwin would plead with his mother about this for several more weeks, until Cessily threatened to drop him off at the orphanage, “where kids received no love from anyone”. At this threat, Edwin left the room crying, and immediately Cessily felt regret for what she said.
Several more months went by with Cirino finally regaining his health. Cirino came out of this a changed man, no longer being distant, spending more and more time with Cessily, which only enraged Edwin even more. Edwin began making plans on regaining his former relationship with his mother, a plan that involved killing his father, who in Edwin’s eyes, was undeserving of Cessily’s love. Late one night, after Edwin had taken a surgical scalpel from his mother’s supplies, Edwin made his way to his parents room. When he arrived, he was horrified to see his mother was “sharing her love” with his father, to which he said aloud," But you love me!!!! Not him!!!!" Edwin ran to his parents bed, stabbing his father repeatedly with the scalpel, repeating the phrase “You love me!!!!! You love me!!!!!!”. Trying to save her husband, Cessily attempted to push Edwin off of Cirino. Before he knew what he had did Edwin slashed out with the scalpel, fatally wounding his mother with a cut across her throat. Edwin dropped the scalpel, cradled his mother in his arms and began weeping uncontrollably. He just sat there for hours repeating the phrase “You were only supposed to love me.”
Once Edwin regained his wits about him, he gathered some of his belongings (including some things of his mother’s), he alerted the house staff of what had transpired and left. At a loss for what he should do next, Edwin became a drifter, wandering from town to town, pilfering for whatever he needed (Edwin had always had quick hands and a way with words). He did this a few years, until he found his way to Tanimar at the age of fifteen. There, he started an apprenticeship with a local healer. He felt that maybe if he learned his mother’s trade, that maybe he could find a way to bring her back to him, and they could be together again. It was around this time that he began seeing his mother in every woman he looked at. The guilt of what he did to her was having major adverse affects on him physically and emotionally. The women began asking him “Why did you kill me son, I loved you like no other. How are we supposed to be together now?” After weeks of this (and basically no sleep), something inside Edwin snapped, he now began seeing his mother as a demon who wished only to harm him, and one who never loved him. To allay this, Edwin began stalking women. He would capture one, take her to his home and brutally slay them (around this time Edwin began using opium very heavily).
By the time Edwin was sixteen, he joined the local thieves guild (secretly ran by Alkyne Brown), quickly rising through its ranks. Edwin became one of Brown’s most valuable operatives, all the while continuing his obsessive behavior with stalking and killing women.
When Boon Daniels was gathering individuals to help him with forming his own town within the Rushwood Forest, Hudson Drake (Boon’s best friend, and another operative of Brown), convinced Daniels to bring in Edwin as a healer. Edwin did not care for his new orders because it would take him away from his purpose in life of “punishing his mother for all eternity”. But once the move was made, Edwin was relieved in the fact that his mother had moved with him after all, this time as a younger woman of the age of sixteen (“Very clever mother.”). But before he could enact his revenge on his mother yet again, some of his fellow homesteaders snuck into his home and stole items linking him to several murders in Tanimar (and several objects that unsettled even the most steady soldiers). Edwin confronted the lesser people of Boon about getting his belongings back, and when they refused, he deftly pulled out a scalpel and nearly killed Selina Bertinelli in one slice. Edwin was captured and punished for his crimes against the citizens of Boon (he was wrongfully killed before he could complete his mission is what happened. Jerks.)
But this was not the end of Edwin’s story, he was brought back to life (through unknown means) and has since tangled with the citizens of Boon on no less than three occasions. Since being brought back to life, Edwin has gained numerous supernatural abilities.

"Uncle Eddie" Edwin Steen

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