Yala Rey

Human Female, Expert lvl 5


Height: 5’3"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 30
Homeland: Tanimar
Deity: Adonis Lightbringer
Initiative: +0
STR: 8
DEX: 10
CON: 12
INT: 16
WIS: 13
CHA: 18
FORT: +2
REF: +1
Will: +5
Base Attack: +3
CMB: +2
CMD 12
Skills: Craft (Clothing) +14
Craft (Shoes) +11
Craft (Jewelry) +11
Diplomacy +13
Heal +9
Knowledge (History) +11
Knowledge (Local) +11
Knowledge (Religion) +14
Perform (Sing- Chant) +12
Profession (Cook) +12
Sense Motive +9
Swim (Region Skill) +10
Traits: Historian, Friends in High Places
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling


Yala Rey was born into House Dragon of Tanimar, and hails from a long line of common laborers. She is one of eight children (five sisters and three brothers), of which she is the third oldest. Her parents, Rikard and Celene Cordovan are among the finest leatherworkers (specifically shoes) in all of House Dragon, an ability that all of their children, including Yala share. Like all her siblings, Yala was made to learn the family business as soon as they were old enough to help out. Along the way, Yala also learned how to sew, craft jewelry, sing and cook. Despite lacking any kind of formal education, Yala is very intelligent, having particular interests in the history of Karonus and its various religions.
Of all the religions that she learned about, the one that interested her the most was the teachings of Adonis Lightbringer. This was not a particularly popular decision with her family or their House Dragon superiors, as the Lightbringer’s philosophy of freedom and peace were in exact opposition to their teachings of oppression and tyranny (House dragon, not her family). This interest in religion led Yala to begin attending regular services at Tanimar’s First Church of Adonis.
Soon after she began attending the church, Yala became a full fledged member, furthering the stress it put on her relationship with her family. To avoid any undue troubles for her family, Yala officially defected from House Dragon (a feat not easily accomplished) and began staying at the church full time, operating as an apprentice cleric and putting to use all of her various skills (cobbler, clothes maker, jewelry maker and cook).
Soon after, the church would open an orphanage that would be a part of the church itself, and they would ask Yala to head the project. Yala immediately said yes. This would help her, because since she defected from House Dragon, she had not been allowed to see her family, so having a “new family” to fill in the void was a welcome thing for her. Yala relished her new role as caretaker of the orphanage, because she needed the kids just as much as they needed her (and her helper Sephie Cross).
It would only be a couple short years later that Yala would meet her eventual husband, Gannish Rey at a church function. Gannish was assigned to the event as extra security by his superior in the Tanimarian militia, an assignment that both would be very grateful for.
The two would begin dating shortly thereafter, but only after Gannish agreed to begin attending church services with her on a regular basis. Their courtship would be short, as just three months after their first date, Gannish asked Yala to marry him. Two months later, Gannish and Yala would be married, with their good friend Boon Daniels officiating the ceremony. Eleven months after they wed, they welcomed the first addition to their family, Raamia, the first of their four children, into their lives.
Several years later, Yala would move with her husband (and four children now) into the Rushwood Forest, at the behest of their good friend’s, the Daniels. She would go on to become Boon’s first Grand Diplomat, and is currently on a diplomatic mission to surrounding areas to try to garner support and allies for their fledgling town.

Yala Rey

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