Gee, aren't those Gemtrees pretty?

For his first mission as leader of The Squad, the MMA‘s elite don’t ask, don’t tell group of mercenaries, Shadder the half-orc, and protege of Mahluk himself, had the unenviable task of going into the Gemwoods and retrieving an amethyst Gem Trees from within it’s heavily guarded borders. To accomplish this task, Shadder was allowed to handpick the group of individuals he wanted to meet his objective. His choices were:
Big Sir – A human monk from parts unknown
Draxxon Steele – A recent graduate from the MMA who, due to his over the top violent methods, actually volunteered for The Squad.
Placan – A druid who acts as a runner for the MMA but sometimes will take up a mission to help out his old friend Mahluk.
Adam Black – An elven rogue who is serving time for past discretions. Serving in the squad will chop off some of the time he is supposed to serve.
Mathus – A sorcerer looking to make a name for himself.
Before embarking on what will be a very dangerous mission, Shadder and Draxxon make their way to Tait, where they purchase some unmarked leather armor and some short swords. They then travel to Padoa, where they recruit some men to travel to the Gemwoods with them. They spend a few days there giving their new recruits some basic trainig so they’ll be able to handle a sword.
They then return to Dunmir, where the MMA is located to pick up the rest of their group. Returning to Padoa to pick up their red shirts, The Squad steel themselves for the forthcoming mission. Arriving at the Gemwoods, The Squad sends in the red shirts first and decide to wait and see what happens with them. About an hour later, an explosion from a few miles within the Gemwoods lights up the sky. Unearthly screams follow the explosion, a sound that would bother even the most veteran of soldiers, as the red shirts see the destructive powers of the Kadinn Barbarians fire mages first hand. It is then that The Squad acts, using the confusion of the battle as their opportunity to enter the Gemwoods. Making it an impressive distance into the woods without before being caught by a Kadinn patrol, The Squad defended themselves against a group of Kadinn barbarian/rangers and a fire mage. The Squad manages to dispatch the Kadinn Barbarians, but not before taking their fair share of lumps first. It would be several more hours and even more Kadinns later before The Squad would find their objective: an Amethyst Gem Trees. Acquiring the tree was not easy, as Mathus the sorcerer was lost to the group from constant bombardment of the relentless fire mages, and if not for the courage of two of the red shirts, Gavin and Leopold, The Squad would have surely lost more members. Returning to their ship at a frantic pace, The Squad ran past, and sometimes through, several more Kadinn patrols. Returning to their ship, The Squad rested their weary bones as they considered the fact that they were the first people to ever successfully steal a Gem Trees from the Gemwoods. They also thought about how they just made enemies of the Kadinn Barbarians, a people you don’t want to have against you.

Captain Cole's Escape from Hell
Finding himself in hell after a short, but violent life, Captain James Cole was looking for a way out so he could continue doing what he loved the most: sailing the Erryt Ocean as one of Karonus‘s most feared pirates. While working in the Endless Garden, Captain James Cole overheard a group of individuals talking about having a plan for escape. Desperate to get out of hell (like all who are there), Cole approaches the group. He tells the group that he has overheard their plans of escape and wants in. They think about it for a few minutes, then decide that they will need all of the help that they can get. Introductions are made as Captain Cole meets some of Karonus’s worst criminals, rapists and all around sadistic individuals:

Kurge, the Scourge – A famous pirate from a bygone era. Known for his cruelty and vile nature towards everyone.
Nathaniel Goodsail – A man who would sell his mother’s soul for the right price. Once a master of the black markets, he’s more connected to the Captain than he realizes.
James – A man who has a remarkable resemblance to Captain James Cole himself.
Konnie – A young girl who claims to have killed more than thirty men due to her being a victim of a vicious attack from the man known as James.
After introductions are made, the group puts their plan into action. Their first obstacle: breaking the chains that hold them in line. The first to break the chains was Konnie. She then explains to the rest on how to focus their willpower so they could break their chains. With all but Kurge free, they break for the nearest chamber, a mere one hundred yards away. While Kurge struggles to get free from his chains, he takes two arrows from the bow of a nearby Erynes, shots that almost end his escape attempt before it begins. While he plays catch up, the others have reached the chamber of a beast that even the Bearded Devils and Erynes fear: the dreaded Twelve tentacled pit monster. The monster’s chamber also is filled with the souls of the lost, whose chatter will make even the strongest willed individuals lose all hope. While Kurge finally breaks his bonds, a few of the group fall victim to the lost souls. The hardest hit of the group was James, who sat curled in the fetal position for several minutes while he relived his death over and over again at the hands of Konnie. Standing firm, the group finally dispatches of the pit monster, after which they make their way into the next chamber full of Bearded Devils. After facing their worst fears, the group of devils were no match for the iron willed individuals with nothing but escape on their minds. After dispatching the beared ones, the group enters another chamber that attacks their willpower, this time making them face their self conceived worst failures in life. Kurge was affected the worst this time, as he relives the taking of his ship by a rival pirate crew. He is so entrenched in the reenactment, that he misses the battle with a room full of Lemures and a Bone devil. Kurge’s willpower almost lets him down, as he begins to drown again, going down with his boat in hell as he did in life. Finally breaking the menagerie, Kurge and the rest march forward, as they are yet again bombarded by an attack of their wills. After having their will tested time and again, the party fights off the feeling of needing to quit, and return back to the fields, planting crops for eternity. Finally, with their objective in sight, the group faced one final test, Charon, the ferryman of the River Styx itself. Finding themselves with no gold to give the skeleton, the party braced for the final showdown. Assault after assault proved fruitless, as Charon shrugged off all attacks the group made, until finally, Charon stops fighting. Another boat is spotted flowing down the river. One of the passengers on the boat flings a coin at Charon, who takes it, then moves aside, allowing the group to pass. A familiar figure on the boat turns to Captain Cole and says to him, " Are you ready to leave now sir?". The voice belongs to one of Cole’s crewmembers, a warlock of considerable power. Beside him is another crewmember, a blighter of equal might. The third individual is a stranger to Cole, but one he will get to know very well soon enough.

Willotia, The Warping Maze

Just because you’re in-between missions at the Mahluk Mercenary Academy doesn’t mean you get to lay around and do nothing. Tadek Flameborn, Landriss Brownwood, Kora Verdakel, Orgot, the monk, Lilly, the monk, and Nimbus, the sorcerer from All-Sky, were put through combat drills at the nearby MMA training grounds. Tadek and crew were close to the cave located on the trainig ground, when they all noticed that something about the cave seemed off. Walking closer to the cave, Tadek peered into it to get a closer look at some glyphs inside. Upon studying the glyphs, Tadek and his companions, deciphered what the glyphs said: “You have now entered ”/campaign/karonus/wikis/willotia-the-warping-maze-0" class=“wiki-page-link”>Willotia, the Warping Maze“. When the group turned back around to leave the cave, they noticed that the entrance that was there moments ago, was now gone. After searching meticulously for an exit out of the cave for over an hour, the group found none. ”/campaign/karonus/wikis/Kora%20Verdakel/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Kora Verdakel thought about their predicament while searching for an exit and remembered from his studies that Willotia, the Warping Maze teleports randomly around the world of Karonus, usually landing close to a group of adventurers. It then sucks the adventurers into it, which forces the people to find their way through the maze, which changes everytime it traps adventurers inside it.

Resigning themselves to their fate, the group eventually began to make their way through the maze. It wouldn’t be long before the maze tasked Tadek and company with their first obstacle in the form of Ghouls. The party dispatched the pair of ghouls without too much hassle (Orgot the Monk however, did get scratched by a ghoul, contracting ghoul fever). Forging ahead (and in Tadek’s case, a tad recklessly), the group soon encountered a couple of skeletons which they dispatched easily and a quartet of surprised Bugbears who were playing cards when Lilly, the monk kicked down their door. While Kora, Lilly, and Landriss took on the bugbears, Tadek, Orgot and Nimbus found a nearby chamber that served as the Bugbears rest area. The trio searched the room, finding some minor loot, as well as a secret door leading out of the room into a long hallway where more Bugbears and skeletons awaited them. Continuing his reckless behavior, Tadek charged into battle with the bugbears and skeltons alone. Quickly realizing he was outmatched, Tadek cast entangle into the five foot wide hallway, immediatley filling it with an overgrowth of plants and weeds. Tadek, Orgot and Nimbus was soon joined by Kora, Lily and Landriss, where all six fought their way through the overgrowth, bugbears and skeletons, eventually finding their way to another room, this one complete with its very own Rust Monster. While Orgot and Kora was busy defending themselves from the Rust Monster, Nimbus jumps atop it, riding it out of the room. Nimbus actually managed to ride the beast for a few minutes, until at last, he was thrown from it when the Rust Monster took a sharp turn at an increasingly faster and faster speed. regrouping, the party made their way to another room with bugbears, this time the smelly beasts were found sleeping. Quickly dispatching the bugbears, Tadek, again forging ahead recklessly, found a large chamber that housed six skeletons, all waiting for something to attack. The group was surprised at how hard the skeltons were fighting, and even more surprised when a Skeletal Champion (with levels of fighter) emerged from an adjacent chamber, ready to help his mindless allies defend their territory. The skeletons and Skeletal Champion were eventually defeated, but not before Lilly, the monk and Tadek were lost. Entering the room which the champion came out of, the remaining adventurers found an exit out of the maze. Unfortunately for them, the exit was above the Erryt Ocean.

Ula and the Runaway Slave

The current crop of graduates from the Mahluk Mercenary Academy of Dunmir underwent the normal graduation ritual all graduates of the academy undergo upon completion of their studies: They participate in a non-lethal last man standing contest. They are taken to the Mahluk Training Grounds and are given ceremonial weapons that do not pierce, cut or wound in any way (they may leave a bruise). After several grueling hours of competition, there remained only eight students : Tadek Flameborn: a dwarven druid hailing from the Drakewood Forest
Landriss Brownwood: An elven wizard from the Brownwood Forest
Kora Jerdakel: A human cleric from Deepshadow, twin brother of Vera Jerdakel
Draxxon Steele: A human fighter from Mortal Bay
Jax Randig: Human cleric from Arasa
Televas Sera: Elven rogue from Dunmir
Ralisa Topknot: Halfling rogue from the Tenderfoot Highlands
Vera Jerdakel: Human fighter/wizard from Deepshadow, twin brother of Kora Jerdakel
Televas won the competition, and with it, his first chance as mission leader. His first mission, go to Jillian’s Mark to receive some runaway property that belongs to Ula, a cleric of Nogat, the evil fighter god. On their way to Jillian’s Mark, Televas and his group (Draxxon, Ralisa and Vera) were ambushed by a troupe of Gypsies. The group defeated the gypsies (and in a gruesome manuever, cut the thumbs off of the remaining male members of the troupe) and proceeded to Jillian’s Mark (with one of the gypsies buggies in tow).
Travelling ahead of the rest of the group, Draxxon arrived in Jillian’s Mark early enough to sell the captured wagon and sell it (and make some extra loot without their knowledge). Seeking out the leader of Jillian’s Mark, Jillian, Televas and crew proceeded to her hut to speak with her about their task at hand.
Televas showed Jillian the papers that showed the ownershp of the lost property of Ula the cleric was legit (the property being one Lillian Farrin, a young girl). Jillian then dispathced a runner, accompanied by Draxxon, to retrieve the girl. Upon arriving at the family hut of the Farrin’s, Draxxon was greeted by two parents eager to protect their child at all costs. Lillian ran out the back while her parents tried to cover her escape. Draxxon broke past Lillian’s parents (Heyward and Miliana) attempteing to prevent the girls escape. His pursuit was stopped seconds later as Miliana pierced Draxxon’s leather armor with an arrow through the right shoulder. Enraged, Draxxon turned his focus onto Miliana, almost killing her with one attack. On her knees with her bow out of reach, Draxxon thrust his blade through the skull of Miliana efortlessly and without remorse. Heyward Farrin was dispatched just as easily, but managed to survive Draxxon’s attack. Moments later, Fanir, Jillians large wolf companion arrived at the scene. Fanir rushed passed Draxxon, and seconds later returned with Lilian in tow.
Minutes later, Fanir returned Lilian to Jillian’s hut, where Jillian told the mercenaries to remove themselves from her town while she was in a good mood.
Before leaving, Televas attempted to collect Jillian’s Mark annual tithe for the king of Arasa, but was promptly told by Jillian that she would no longer be giving said tithe to Dahara and his Holy Shield Empire and would be filing to be annexed from his kingdom (Televas helped Jillian draw up the annex papers before leaving).
Mission completed, the group left Jillian’s Mark to stop by Arasa to tell them the news from there. On the way to Arasa, the group was attacked by a pack of Goblins and their steeds, goblin dogs. Having more trouble than they’d like to admit, the group finally defeated their enemies, barely preventing their escape with Lilian. From there , the group stopped by Arasa, told them the news from Jillian’s Mark, then returned to Dunmir, successful in their first mission.

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