Bee Tribe


+2 DEX, +1 CON, +1 WIS
Darkvision 60 ft.
+1 Natural AC
Immune to mind-affecting effects
Vulnerable to smoke
Fly 60 ft.
CMD +8 vs. trip


Killer Bees
Location: Fields of Kalma
Agenda: To unite all insect tribes
Political affiliations: Most insect tribes

Notable tribespeople
Lazzalla – Queen of the killer Bees. Lazzalla is responsible for the motion of unifying all insect tribes.

Killer Bees

A prime mover in the political arena of the Gaeagen Forest, the Killer Bees are not to be overlooked. Lazzalla, the queen of the bees, has put into motion something that would change the political landscape of the entire forest: unification of all the insect tribes. If successful, the Unified Insect Tribe would become the largest tribe, and potentially the biggest threat, in the entire forest. Many fear that if the Unified Insect Tribe would come to pass, that the insects would attempt to become a solitary ruler of the forest. This notion does not sit well with the other, non-insect tribes, specifically the Royal Lions of the Fields of Kalma, the Bald eagles of Emrean’s Peak and the Grizzly Bears of the Grizzly Hills. Because of this motion, Queen Lazzalla has met resistance from all sides within the tribal council, having meetings with all non-insect chieftains to attempt to dissuade her from the motion. Despite the meetings, and the various counter motions to her proposal, Lazzalla has ensured the council, and the individual insect tribes, that she plans to continue pushing this agenda until it passes in the council.

Bee Tribe

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