Bison Tribe


+6 STR, +2 CON
+8 Natural AC
Low-light vision
Size: Large
Perception +3


Location: Fields of Kalma
Agenda: Better usage of the Fields resources
Political affiliations: Rhinoceros, Gorillas, Hyenas

Notable tribespeople

Rucknir Thunderherd – Bison chief


Large in size and in numbers, the bison tribe are nomadic in nature, moving from place to place within the Fields of Kalma constantly. Generally a peaceful tribe, the Bison tribe will at times attack unprovoked, and even without reason. Some members of the Bison tribe are considered to be the among the most dangerous combatants in the Gaeagen Forest. The bison are preservationists, constantly seeking better distribution of the Fields goods and ways to replenish them. Because of their beliefs, when they abandon an area they have been inhabiting, they take measures to ensure that whatever resources they used up will be replenished, if not at greater levels than before they arrived.

Bison Tribe

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