Human Female, Expert 4th lvl


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 24
Homeland: Ava
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: None
Initiative: +0
STR: 12
DEX: 10
CON: 13
INT: 18
WIS: 14
CHA: 10
FORT: +2
REF: +1
WILL: +6
Base Attack: +3
CMB: +4
CMD: 14
Skills: Appraise +11
Bluff +6
Climb +8
Disguise +12
Knowledge (Engineering) +11
Knowledge (Geography) +11
Knowledge (Local) +14
Perception +9
Perform (Wind Instruments) +8
Profession (stonemason) +14
Survival +9
Use Magic Device +7
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling


Sasha grew up just north of Tanimar in a large city called Ava. Ava is known as being the city of “The first born women of Gaeagen”. The founders of Ava believe that Mother Gaeagen gave birth to all the women of Karonus before any males (humans, elves, etc.) so that they could tend to her during her restorative period after her eons long war with her brother Eonicles.
Sasha grew up an outsider among her people, never really fitting in to any one crowd. She spent the majority of her time by herself, never even bonding to anyone in her immediate family. As a child, she loved pretending to be other people (an attribute that followed her into adulthood), most often mimicking Clera Silverstring, Ava’s most recognized musician. Sasha taught herself to play various wind instruments (Clera’s specialty of course), which she used as an escape from her dreary existence.
Sasha’s favorite place to practice was at a nearby small rock quarry located just outside of Ava. No one ever went there so she would spend days at a time there by herself, practicing with her instruments. Over time, Sasha began seeing beauty in the rocks and began studying them. At the age of twelve (in a disguise as a boy at this point. A disguise she would stay in any time she was around people), Sasha began an apprenticeship with a local stonemason, a job she would actively pursue for the next several years.
By the time Sasha was sixteen, she had become a stonemason herself. Moving to the nearby city of Tanimar, Sasha hoped to begin a business focused around her craft of choice. She chose Tanimar because of the fact that there was a large rock quarry located nearby. She would be able to establish and maintain a respectable business if she could gain the rights to mine the quarry. Years went by, but Sasha never managed to get the rights to mine the Rushwood Quarry, so she survived on other, smaller jobs.
It would be years later before she would meet her soul mate, Ingra Dexter. Up until this point Sasha maintained her disguise as a man around everyone, even around Ingra. But after the two fell in love, Sasha thought Ingra deserved to know the truth. Fearing that Ingra would rebuff her after gaining the truth, Sasha revealed her secret to Ingra. Much to her surprise, Ingra told Sasha that she didn’t care if she were a man or a woman, but that she loved her for who she was.
The two would both move into the Rushwood Forest about a year later to join the fledgling community of Boon. Ingra to continue her capacity as a soldier, Sasha so she could try to finally begin mining from the Rushwood Quarry. Shortly after arriving in Boon, it was found out by all that Sasha was a woman and not a man, and again, to her surprise, the people of Boon were accepting of her (except for a select few. Mostly Yala Rey, a devout follower of Adonis Lightbringer). Because of this acceptance, Sasha and Ingra have decided to marry one another, having the founder of Boon, Boon Daniels officiate the ceremony. Recently, Sasha (and Treeva, a young dwarven girl) have began excavating and mining rock from the Rushwood Quarry. Unfortunately, during a recent trip, Ingra received a terrible wound defending Sasha and Treeva from an attack by some form of undead. So far, all attempts to heal the wound (slash marks across her face) have been unsuccessful.


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