Boar Tribes


+2 STR, +2 CON
Low-light vision
+4 Natural AC
Bonus Feat: Toughness


Goretusk Boars
Location: Wildwoods of Nerien
Agenda: Recover their territory from the Gorillas
Political affiliations:

Razorback Boars
Location: Greene’s Thicket
Agenda: Remove the Bengal Tigers from Greene’s thicket
Political affiliations: Greensting Scorpions

Notable tribespeople

Commander Kanibul – Leader of the Goretusk Boars
Krava – son of Kanibul
Casrus – Chieftain of the Razorback Boars

Goretusk Boars

Once, the Goretusk Boars knew what it meant to have power. Former rulers of The Wildwoods of Nerien, their power was stripped from them by the Ape Tribes, specifically the Gorillas. The gorilla tribe had been forcibly removed from the Fields of Kalma by the ruling power there, the Risagi Ragemane and his lion tribe, and was looking for someplace new to call home.
The Gorilla tribe decided that their new home would be the Wildwoods, and upon settling there, immediately began making a play for power. Unwilling to share the power of their territory with (what they felt like were invaders of their territory) the gorillas, the Goretusks begun what they hoped what would be peaceful negotiations with the newcomers to the Wildwoods. Their attempt at diplomacy failed, as the gorillas made it clear that they would never again be removed from a place that they called home.
Furious at the gorilla’s refusal to leave their territory, the Goretusks then took up arms against them, launching an all-out assault against the primates. Unfortunately for the Goretusks, the gorillas were ready for the assault, and they were easily defeated. The battle cost the Goretusks lives and most importantly, their ancestral home, as the gorillas claimed it for their own, making the Goretusks move elsewhere within the Wildwoods of Nerien.

Razorback Boars

The members of the Razorback Boar tribe of Greene’s Thicket are constantly plotting against the ruling power of the Bengal Tigers in an attempt to rest control of power in the area from them. If not for the Chimpanzee tribe, who have allied with their cousins (who launch continual assaults on the razorbacks), the Gorillas, the Razorbacks would have achieved their goals by now (in their minds anyway). The Razorbacks, needing allies of their own, have at their side the Greensting Scorpion, who share the Razors hatred of the Bengals.

Boar Tribes

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